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Frequently Asked Questions

How does FedeRent work?

FedeRent is a peer to peer renting platform, meaning users can rent their items to each other and make some money. Here is the link to what are the steps for renting out or borrowing items on FedeRent: https://www.federent.com/how-it-works

How can I rent my item?

You can simply upload a few photos for your item, set a daily, weekly and monthly rate and put some description for your item and list it on FedeRent, Users will see your listing and once they request a booking we`ll let you know via email and app notification

Is there any fee for renters?

Yes, there is a 19% FedeRent fee on each rental transaction, For example if the weekly rate for your camera is $100 and you rent it for a week, we`ll charge you $19 and you`ll make $81

Is there any fee for borrowers?

No, there is no FedeRent fee for borrowers, Although to borrow an item you`ll only need to pay the rental amount to the renter(owner of the item).

How do I get paid?

Once you receive a new booking for your item, we`ll charge the rental amount from the borrower`s account and will keep the money with us till they pick up the item from you, then we`ll release the money to your PayPal account the day after the pick up of the item. You need to update your payout method and tell us your PayPal ID that you want us to transfer your earning to, For updating your payout method please go to payment section of the app or website.

What if my item is returned but it`s damaged? (Insurance)

You need to take photos of your item every time before you rent it to the borrower. The photos of your item should be taken with your phone`s camera so that it has the time that the photo was taken encrypted in them. In case of the damage you can provide the photos of your item to FedeRent support and we`ll cover up to $1000 of the damage to your item which will be paid to your provided PayPal account.

What happens if my item worth more than $1000 and it`s damaged by the borrower? (Insurance)

If your item worth more than $1000, you need to take a photo of the borrowe`s ID when they are picking up the item so that in case of the damage to your item you can provide it to FedeRent support. We will try to get in touch with the borrower and ask them to pay the compensation as they are responsible for that. If they refuse to pay the amount we will proceed the matter through legal channels and will update you with the result.

What happens if I book an item but the renter rejects my booking?

We will refund the entire amount to your account and you won`t get charged any fees.

How do I book an item on FedeRent?

You can simply choose the dates that you need the item for and pay the rental amount using PayPal and we`ll let the renter know about your booking request, If they accept your booking request you`ll need to use the chat system to organise the pickup and drop off of the item. We will only release the money to the renter`s account when you receive the item and in case of the cancellation we will refund all your money to your provided PayPal account.

Do I need to do anything when someone requests to book my item?

Yes, once you receive an email or app notification about the new booking, you`ll need to go to “My Booking” menu and accept or reject the booking within 12 hours, Otherwise the booking will automatically get cancelled. You`ll need to use the chat system to organise the pickup and drop off of the item once you accept the booking.

How do I verify my account?

We try to keep FedeRent a safe and secure platform for renting and in order to achieve that goal we do some ID check before you do your first rental transaction. If you are using the app you can upload the required documents in “Verify Me” section of the app under the “more” menu and if you`re using the website you can do it on the profile page.

What documents do I need to submit to verify my account?

We need a proof of ID and proof of the address, an Australian driver`s licence is the preferred method of ID verification otherwise you`ll need one document as the ID(Copy of the passport, Medicare card, birth certificate) and one document as the proof of address(Copy of your electricity bill, water bill, internet bill or rental contract) .

What kind of items I can rent on FedeRent?

The most common items on FedeRent are cameras, drones, musical instruments, speakers, projectors, gardening tools and bikes. But you can pretty much list any legal item for rent on FedeRent.