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  • 1 List your items on FedeRent

    You can simply select a category for the item, specify the area that you are in and how much you want to charge for the rental and post it on FedeRent.

  • 2 Accept rental requests from users

    People on FedeRent will send you rental requests including the pick up and drop off dates and you will need to either accept it or reject it within 12 hours.

  • 3 Rent your items and get paid

    We will deduct the fee and will release the rental amount to your account the day after, you will need to organise the pick up and drop off the item with the borrower in the chat system.

How to borrow an item
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  • 1 Book the item for rent

    Browse and search for the item that you need. Make sure the item is available in your area, specify the pick up and drop off date and submit the rental request.

  • 2 Pay the rental amount

    After submitting the booking, FedeRent will show you the payable amount which includes the rental amount, refundable bond and the fee which can be paid using PayPal or credit card.

  • 3 Pick up and drop off

    Use the chat system to organise the pick up and drop off of the item, We need you to take photos from the item before you accept it from the owner, We`ll use those in case of a damage claim.

Rent out your items as a business Coming soon
1 Register your business

Simply sign up as a business and let us know what kind of items you will be looking into rent out

2 Get notified when your item is needed

We will let you know by email when someone is looking for an item that you want to rent out.

3 Rent out your items and get paid

Contact the borrower and rent out your item. The borrower will pay us the rental amount and we will release it into your account the next day.